A 10-Step Guide to CRM Data Migration

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CRM Data Migration

CRM data migration is perceived as dangerous since it might cause business interruptions, which is a significant barrier to considering the change. Taking the quantity of data you have at your disposal and cutting, copying, and pasting may appear to be a time-consuming and challenging task.

It’s like trying to relocate your home while avoiding harm to your belongings. Even if it gives you a headache, you must relocate as soon as the situation occurs, no matter what it takes. The transition will appear simple if you have a plan and a CRM migration strategy. So, one concern arises now: how to safely change CRM and migrate data? Let’s look at how to correctly conduct CRM data transfer in your firm.

10-step CRM Data Migration Checklist Guide

Accept Change

The first and most crucial step is to prepare your company for a change. When individuals are satisfy with an old data management system for a long time, convincing them to switch to a new CRM program might be difficult.

Adopting an agile mentality at the corporate level is essential. Being agile allows you to accept, embrace, and adjust to change fast. While the migration is taking place, it is critical to consider workforce training to familiarise them with the new CRM system. 

Determine Available Resources

It is critical to know that the data structures must be considered. A data structure stores, organizes, monitors, and modifies data items. You may already testify to a successful CRM data conversion if your firm converts data structures to fit in the target CRM system!

Another critical component is a 360-degree review, which includes examining third-party integrations, inputs, or outputs of a source CRM solution. The next step is to alter the number of adjustments made in the source CRM solution without compromising data integrity.

Maintain a Record of Attachments

Every business-oriented data set is a collection of file attachments that comprise other data subsets. When considering CRM data transfer, you must consider how to migrate attachments successfully. Your team’s additional task is to gather all branches under one roof and calculate the total file size. 

Carry Data Quality Analysis

To demonstrate this CRM data migration process, consider the following example. When you move to a new home, you relocate the items most important to you and discard anything that is not important. Analyze the old data, maintain the most critical data, and delete useless/duplicate data items. This is known as “Data Quality Assessment”.

Don’t forget Data Mapping

When moving data from one CRM to another, data mapping is critical. After adopting the data migration plan, it is essential to understand where your data should live. Each prospect’s or customer’s data, as well as their pipeline path, must be store in your CRM. Your CRM data must be organize into categories or subsets. It guarantees that you can quickly access and evaluate the information you need.

Scribe SSIS Dynamics to Create Backup of Source Data

Developing a backup CRM transfer strategy to mitigate data loss concerns is always a brilliant idea. Refrain from falling into believing that you have a foolproof CRM migration project strategy and can afford to forego backups. While your CRM data migration should go quickly, you don’t want to risk losing critical information. Data backup guarantees that you always have a duplicate of your data in case it is destroyed or corrupted by mistake.

Furthermore, your CRM data conversion services supplier will strongly advise and monitor a backup strategy. And if they don’t, it’s your job to inquire about their data backup method. To back up your data, you can utilize a data warehouse, a cloud storage platform, or a data backup service provider.

Transfer CRM data

When everything is in place, it is time to start executing. It is undeniably time to realize the benefits of your CRM data transfer efforts. It is the most simple step, similar to a “single-click” operation, and it is all that is required to complete the conversion.

If you have implemented the previous checklist prerequisites, everything should be fine.

Clean up Duplicate and Error Data

Now that the data is transfer to the new CRM solution, you must check it and clean it up before use. Depending on the importance of the data, you may also use a custom script to compare data in the new CRM system to data in your former CRM. This might take time and money for massive datasets, but it will provide you peace of mind. Finally, go over the data to determine if there are any duplicate records if anything needs to be merge or remove.

Ready For CRM Data Migration With Us!

These CRM data migration checklists will help you transfer data like a pro. Still, if you face any issues, feel free to consult us.  We are a leading eCommerce web development company to help online businesses to migrate to other platforms successfully.  Hire Shopify developers, WordPress experts to opt for CRM data migration today.

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