Stir Up Shopify Store Sales This Year With Enthralling Shopify Development Trends

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Stir Up Shopify Store Sales This Year With Enthralling Shopify Development Trends

Revamp your Shopify store and stir up the revenue with new-age development trends. Hire Shopify Developers and get started to welcome high profits this year!

With the proliferation of users towards online shopping, the growth within the eCommerce industry is at its peak with no signs of slowing down. It is recorded that the segment is all ready to grow by 84% in 4 years, reaching $111 billion by 2024. 

The unexpected growth has created the buzz within the businesses and entrepreneurs to set up online stores via Shopify and others. Here is where the need to hire Shopify developers is at its peak. Since Shopify is not just left limited to integrating the basic functionalities, it brings a seamless experience for users at the forefront. 

And it’s all because of the ever-changing development trends that keep upgrading in Shopify, making it a versatile option for retailers. Take a closer look at alluring Shopify development platform trends dominating the Shopify development process in 2022.

Shopify Development Trends Ruling Future

Augmented And Virtual Reality

Since users have come closer to the virtual world, embedding the same within Shopify has become a new normal. Technologies like AR and VR have made a detailed view of products in real-time possible. It is stated that in 2022, AR is expected to be used by 101.6 million consumers at least once a month, making it a must in Shopify development near me in every segment. 

Users can quickly check out how well the products match their preferences and taste by trying them virtually. With this, things become more streamlined, Chances of complaints are less, increase the credibility of the business and enhance sales. In that scenario, it is best to hire Shopify developers that offer you a Shopify store integrated with AR. 

Voice Search 

It is needless to say that users’ searches on Shopify stores play an important role in setting business accordingly. The traditional way of searching things online has shifted to voice searches. Yes, the modern Shopify stores have been integrating with voice search technology to help users find their things conveniently. 

The trend has skyrocketed after a report that stated 71% of consumers prefer voice search over typing. Voice searches save the time and effort of the users to find their things. It starts with the recognition of the users’ speech and provides them results accordingly. Voice technology has become the next big thing in Shopify development used by Shopify app developer is important to address the needs of modern users. 


AI-based chatbots have taken up the Shopify world to a whole new level. The specially programmed robots are setting a benchmark by making your customers engaged in the store. Chatbots provide immediate answers to the customer about their queries, leaving a good impression about businesses. Furthermore, besides communication, chatbots offer order status, track traffic, and update discounts and offers. 

The benefits of chatbots are pretty impressive, effective, and unmatchable. Hence, when planning to start with a Shopify store with Shopify developers near me, hire Shopify developers that offer chatbots delineated development. Doing this can help you to render reliable and rapid customer service. Moreover, it will allow you to provide 24X7 support to customers. 

Headless Ecommerce 

The next trend that is dominating the year 2022 is headless eCommerce. Every Shopify store developed that is developed by Shopify freelancers or developers has both front-end and back-end functionality. Probably, when it comes to users, then, it is seen they are only direct towards the front-end part of a website which is the user interface. However, this is the digital era and users today are more known for technology.

Therefore, keeping them stacked to limited things will not work. Here is where headless eCommerce by Shopify app developers comes in. Furthermore, the trend let Shopify stores decouple the front-end layer with the back-end. With this, the stores get more opportunities for customization; risks are quite less, functionality becomes easy, and much more. 

Grow Shopify With Shopify developer

Technology is evolving with a rapid phase. Shopify stores are one of those technological additions that take businesses to new heights. As a result, For eCommerce businesses to amplify their profits and beat the competition, it is necessary to check on Shopify developer platform trends that dominate the current market. We anticipate the need for the same. Thereby, we intend to bring you closer to those trends via the above information. 

No matter whether you are new to the eCommerce world, setting Shopify for the first time, or looking to upgrade your current Shopify store, we got everything covered. Our team of Shopify app developers is well verse with all the current trends and leaves no stone away in providing the best. By using the right expertise, technology and knowledge we aim to deliver robust shopify development solutions to our clients.  

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