ChatGPT VS Google Bard: Which One is Better AI Chatbot

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In 2023, two of the most well-known AI chatbots will be Google Bard and ChatGPT. Which is better, Between ChatGPT VS Google Bard? These offer straightforward responses to feeds in human language and create these responses using artificial intelligence and millions of data points, for the most part. 

Even though these AI tools aren’t perfect, they portend a promising future for AI helper search and learning capabilities that will increase access to information.

Let’s discuss ChatGPT Vs. Google Bard in depth detail. 

Are ChatGPT and Google Bard Presently Accessible?

For those wishing to experiment with AI-generated text, ChatGPT was the first and, in numerous ways, is still the preferred choice. First of all, anyone may easily try it out for no cost. One of the reasons ChatGPT has been so popular is that it has been widely accessible from the start.

ChatGPT VS Google Bard: How are these different from each other?

Natural language AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard do the same tasks. You can ask it a question or provide a prompt, and it will respond with an answer.

However, there are certain distinctions between the two services, and they are made to be utilized somewhat differently. Although ChatGPT has been used to provide direct answers to questions, it has also shown an impressive capacity for writing creatively, which has alarmed white-collar workers like writers, SEO advisors, and copy editors. This is true even though it has occasionally had issues with accuracy and plagiarism.

However, Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, allowing users to ask specific inquiries rather than using keywords to discover the best answers. Additionally, it has integrated it into Teams, Edge, and virtually all Microsoft Office programs. Even the Opera web browser has committed to include ChatGPT eventually.

As more apps use the service through its API and eventually enhance it through ChatGPT Plugins, ChatGPT’s use as a chatbot is just one possible application.

However, for the time being, Google Bard is a standalone product. It may eventually be incorporated into Google Search, but for the time being, it is used independently and is not included in any other programs. It might eventually be incorporated into the Chrome browser and its Chromium offshoots. In the future, Google is anticipated to make Google Bard available to outside developers.

What’s going on behind the scenes, however, is where the two currently diverge most. 

  • While ChatGPT uses its GPT-3.5 model, Google Bard uses Google’s own LaMDA language model. 
  • Google Bard is based on data provided recently, but ChatGPT is based on slightly older data, limited in its current GPT3 model to data collected before 2022. 
  • That doesn’t always mean that it will be more accurate, though, as Google Bard has had issues with giving the wrong responses to queries ever since it was first introduced.

Features of Google Bard and ChatGPT

  • Both tools are really simple, essentially just having a blank search box. Both enable you to access earlier chats and update earlier chats to add new responses.
  • However, there are a few slightly different feature sets. Because Google Bard enables you to deliver, it’s cool for a hands-free experience prompts through voice utilizing the microphone on your device. 
  • Additionally, it provides a simple “Google it” button that provides in-line links to carry on your research someplace other than Bard. 
  • Another fun aspect of Bard is called “draughts.” Whenever you submit a question and start a conversation with Bard, it will display you with different draughts or iterations of a response. It’s a useful method for reducing your options after exploring various options. 

By selecting “Bard activity,” you can read the specifics of each prompt or decide whether to delete them from your history. Contrarily, ChatGPT organizes conversational prompts and shows them in the sidebar. 

This useful strategy encourages you to engage ChatGPT in extended talks about particular subjects. These chats can be renamed or deleted, but you’ll have to scroll back to see the responses to particular requests, which might be inconvenient. Both the dark mode and the option to delete all conversations are features that ChatGPT does provide.

What is Superior Between ChatGPT VS Google Bard?

As previously noted, ChatGPT has free and premium tiers. But you might have to wait in a queue during busy times because of its popularity. 

Accessing ChatGPT hasn’t been as challenging lately, even in the middle of the day, thanks to OpenAI‘s improved ability to manage traffic volume. Although occasionally glitchy, it is still the more capable and available AI chatbot.

Although Google Bard is a respectable substitute, it is best to use ChatGPT before switching to Bard.

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